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This space is for unfinished works, works-in-progress, undead works, finished yet branching out works, hopeful non-works, anarchivist speculations, writing ventures, utopian musings, poetic failures, community encounters, and reimaginings of ecosystems, source sharing, and other attempts at composting nomadic epistemologies.

It encompasses documentation of artistic residencies, try-outs, pedagogical practices, and productions in different kinds of collaborative constellations including self-initiated productions which I’m here calling projects as well as productions initiated by others which I’m here calling collaborations.

I conceive this virtual space of archival memory as a (Derridean) supplement to what this space is not, a physical place, and thereby reconfigure my relationship to place as artist and inhabitant of the Earth, which in turn gives a sense to my work.


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Deep memory of the grandparent’s house, the recurring leak in the ceiling, the repairing of the leak...

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