The time of childhood and our ancestors

Letter to Grandpa

*Recommended listening place: Spot #23 from this map of Frankfurt’s main Cemetery or at any family grave or house-looking monument at a cemetery.

Introduction to Žužulina

*This track consist of a set of instructions to follow on-site: the corner of Eckenheimer Landstrasse and Schwarzburgstrasse in Frankfurt am Main, near U-Bahn station Glauburgstrasse.

If you are not on-site, we recommend you to skip directly to the next track: Žužulina


*Recommended site for listening: In front of a doll clinic (for example at Eckenheimer Landstraße 119, 60318 Frankfurt am Main) or a flea market where one can find old dolls and toys.

 Sarajevo, August 2, 1992. The Bosnian war and the story of a mother fleeing the war with her children. One of the children, now a grown woman, recalls that day and the moment she fell aspleep holding her little baby doll.

Acoustic Memory

Live performance by Olga Popova and Sol Crespo at Frankfurt’s main cemetery’s war memorial. Be prepared to be blindfollded, to be immersed in a soundscape, to be invited to remember and to sing. Deeply personal childnood memories intercept with a state-built war memorial.

Mi abuela (grandma)

Film credits:

A very short film on the futurity of memory by Sol Crespo and Olga Popova.